Shawmont School has a few special policies that are in addition to School District Policies.

Code of Conduct

The staff and parents at Shawmont School share the goal of maintaining an atmosphere throughout the school in which children are socially and emotionally secure and academically stimulated. In order to achieve a positive school environment, the students are expected to attend school regularly, dress appropriately, and exhibit self-control in all school related activities.

In an effort to accomplish this goal, a Code of Conduct has been developed. The Code of Conduct is a guide to the standards of student behavior essential for effective and optimal learning at Shawmont School. Below is an overview of the Expectations, Positive Reinforcements, and Consequences for infractions. You should have received a copy of the District’s Code of Student Conduct, which provides an in-depth and comprehensive documentation of the policy.


Shawmont students will

*Follow directions

*Demonstrate mutual respect for self, others, property & materials

*Avoid all bullying behavior

*Report bullying when it occurs

*Take responsibility for their actions

Positive Reinforcements

*”Good Buddy” Award


*Opportunities as helpers and mentors

*Stickers, treats (can include catered lunches)

*Peer recognition awards

*Star charts and motivation banners (lunchroom and hallways) *Communication with home via letters, notes, phone calls

*Student work displays

*Positive reports to other teachers

*Special privileges





*Certificates and coupons

*School store

*Pretzels, etc.

*Award to be presented by Police District/City Council

Infractions are misbehaviors directly related to our expectations. They may be mild, moderate, chronic or severe. A complete list of infractions is part of the Shawmont Discipline Plan and is available in the main office.

Consequences are escalating and include:

Teacher-pupil conferences; Parental contact;

Loss of privileges (examples: recess, class trip, …. );


Referral to administrator if further action is necessary (examples: suspension/Saturday School)

Uniform Policy

Girls will wear a plain white blouse or a plain white collared shirt (no white “t” shirts) with dark blue or navy blue pants, slacks, skirts or jumpers. Skirts and jumpers must be no shorter than fingertip length when the arm is extended down the sides of the body or no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

Boys will wear a plain white collared shirt (no white “t” shirts) with dark blue or navy blue pants.

Students are permitted to wear navy blue or white Shawmont tee shirts and navy blue Shawmont Sweat shirts. (During colder weather only, students may wear dark navy blue or white sweaters or turtlenecks.)

Shoes are preferred, however, sneakers are acceptable (required for gym). Open-toed shoes or “flip flops” are not permitted.

Gym clothing is navy blue sweatpants, with white shirts or turtleneck shirts, and sneakers. Gym shorts may be worn under the sweatpants, however, the sweatpants must be removed and put back on over the shorts while the student remains in the gym. (there are no changing facilities)


JEANS or any denim clothing (jeans, shorts, skirts, culottes) undershirts or “T” shirts, no “hoodies” with logos, athletic wear (bottoms and tops), halters, tube tops, bare midriffs, open toed shoes, sandals, flip-flops, sneaker skates, etc.

“Modest dress” and appearance is required. Dress and/or appearance that may be disruptive such as head wraps, large garish showy flashy jewelry, belts and chains, dyed or bleached hair and wigs are not permitted. (Earrings should not be larger than the size of a quarter)

Garments (undershirts worn under the uniform shirt/blouse) should not be visibly hanging out below the uniform shirt, or visible through the uniform shirt.

Special Note To The Uniform Policy

From May 1st through September 30th of each school year students in grades K-8 are permitted to wear navy blue or dark blue shorts, skorts, or culottes. They must be no shorter than fingertip length when the arm is extended down the sides of the body or not less than 3 inches above the knee. If a “heat-wave” occurs in April or October the school will notify you that shorts may be worn, otherwise the shorts are only permissible May 1st through September 30th.

Students who consistently comply with this policy will benefit from incentives such as student of the week/month, special privileges including our “Caught Wearing a Uniform Prize” and trips to the JAMZ skating center.

Students who fail to comply with this policy will receive a conference with the teacher or principal, a phone call or letter home, and/or the loss of a privilege for non-compliance (detention, removal from special programs, clubs, events, trips, graduation, etc.) Repeated violations may result in the student being assigned to Saturday Detention (Smart School).

100% support for the Uniform Policy is expected as it reflects our shared commitment to developing and maintaining a strong sense of community and positive school climate. Please take the time to review this policy thoroughly with your child and monitor their compliance. This effort on your part will limit and hopefully prevent any disruption of your child’s educational programs.

Bicycle Riders

Students are not permitted to ride bicycles to school due to street safety and security issues.

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